kit list

I'm happy using your own kit - or preferred supplier ....
but here's  my camera and lighting list for your reference.
All - or part of - at very competitive rates , of course.


Sony F55   4K    PL or EOS mount
Sony FS7   4K    PL or EOS mount
Sony A7s II  4K  PL or EOS mount
Canon PL 17-120mm T2.95
Canon EF Primes Set 24,35,50,85mm  f1.2/1.4
Canon EF Zooms 16-35mm , 24-70mm, 70-20mm f2.8
Cooke PL 20-60mm uncoated T3.1
Canon PL 200mm T1.8
TV Logic On board and Directors HD monitors
Filter selection
5' Slider
PilotFly H2 Gimbal stabiliser


1 x Arri 1.2 HMI Par       Daylight
2 x 4'x2' LED Panelite    Daylight
3 x Arri 200w HMI          Daylight
1 x 2'x1' LED Panelite    Bicolour
4 x Arri 2k Blonde          Tungsten
2 x Arri 800w                  Tungsten
1 x 1k Jem Ball                Tungsten
1 x 500w RifaLite            Tungsten
3 x 150w Dedo kit          Tungsten
Various Textiles
Cables / Stands / Distro